Painting Series- Donation in Honor

30″ in x 24″ in

Thoughtful gifts made in honor of your loved one are allocated towards our Patient Assistance Program, an important program providing financial assistance to transplant patients and living donors in need. By enabling living donors to give the Gift of Life and helping transplant patients maintain access to vital medications, this program saves lives.

We are truly touched that you have chosen to honor your loved one by making a donation to our organization. Suggested donation for the series of three paintings about the Gift of Life will be established with the artist. We look forward to connecting with you regarding this beautiful series.

About the artist:

Carolyn Gray of Give a Life Artistry is a watercolor artist. She says, “it is a great joy to bring a person or pet to life on canvas.” Her husband, Michael, had a liver transplant in June 2001. She painted a series of three paintings to tell the story of a family’s journey to receive a life saving transplant. Her website was titled “Give A Life Artistry” because we hope this series will inspire people to sign up to be organ donors. We kept the name as I moved toward watercolor portraits because paintings can give a life-like quality to a photograph and tell a story in new endearing way. Please click here to follow her on Facebook.

For more information on establishing an ‘Honor a Loved One’ fund, please contact American Transplant Foundation staff at (303) 757-0959 or





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